Feature your posting!

New on roomsDB.net! You can now feature your posting and have it displayed on top of all normal postings! This is a value-added service for people who want to make sure to get maximum exposure for their room offer!

Feature your posting!

Feature your posting!

There are now more than 100 new offers each single day on roomsDB.net and this figure is increasing on a daily basis. This means that new offers disappear from the front page very quickly and also have little expsosure. Featuring a posting means to maximize its exposure, and therefore also the chance to rent out fast and find the perfect tenant! And that for as low as 1 SG$ a day! (*)

To feature your posting, simply log into your control center and click on the new tab “Feature”.

Click on Feature...

Click on Feature...

Then select the posting that you want to feature and follow the simple steps. You have to choose between Standard Feature and Premium Feature. The difference is that Premium Features will also be shown on the main landing page, when users have not narrowed down their search to a certain district or room type. Premium Features will also be shown in front of the search results when a user looks for a certain term and in general they will be displayed in front of Standard Features.

To feature a posting, you will first have to purchase roomsDB.net credits. You can do that by clicking on ‘Add Credits’ within the control center.

Credit packages

Credit packages

There are several packages to choose from, with the smallest starting from 10 credits for 10 SG$. With 10 credits, you can feature your posting for 5 full days, making sure tenants will not miss your offer when they browse roomsDB.net. For users with more rooms or apartments to offer, there are the special packages which include more credits and as a special promotion: free credits! Buy 100 credits and get 200 credits put into your account. I think that is a pretty good deal! 🙂

Looking forward to see how this new feature will be received by you, the users!

Bye, Sebastian

(*) based on a Standard Feature and the 100(+100) roomsDB.net credits package


New Forum Online!


there will be a lot of interesting new features on roomsDB.net in the near future! To start out slow, the new roomsDB.net forum is online! You can reach it from every page by clicking on the “Forum” link. Didn’t expect that, did u? 🙂

I installed a forum because I felt there is a need to discuss the property market in Singapore. It is just too crazy whats going on there and I am sure some of you feel the urge to get heard. Singapore’s No. 1 rental site should have a forum. So here u go!

Furthermore I could better discuss some new features of roomsDB.net within the forum, or directly respond to new ideas that you have! So just go and check it out!

Bye, Sebastian

New Google Maps Mashup on roomsDB.net: Find On Map!

Hello world!

I’m happy to announce another clever feature on roomsDB.net! With this new feature, all offers that are online at the moment will be displayed on a big map of Singapore. But that’s not all…

To get to this new feature, click on this new link on the read offers page, here marked by the red arrow:

When you clicked on it, you will first see the whole map of Singapore with lots of red markers. Those red markers are the exact location of the room/apartment offers on roomsDB.net!


Quite crowded there, don’t you think? However, to find out more about the offers, you just have to click on the red markers and an info window will appear to give you some information of the offer. You can also directly click through to the actual details page of the offer.

But now whats really nice: just enter any Singaporean address in the textfield and click on “Go!”. This address could for example be the location of your new office in Singapore, or that university that you will go to soon. The address will automatically be shown on the map and of course all the offers close to it! You can directly find a room or an apartment close to a certain place, with ease! Check the outcome after I entered “Bukit Batok MRT”:

map 3

So I am very sure that this new feature will prove to be very useful for all room hunters out there! If you have any more ideas or comments, I would be very happy to hear about them!

Bye, Sebastian

roomsDB.net Promotion! Singapore bloggers, earn money with your blog!

Hello Singaporean bloggers!

It is time to earn money with your blog and roomsDB.net! Yeah, it is time for the 1st roomsDB.net promotion campaign! Instead of spending money for Google ads this month, I will distribute the whole money (around 1500 SG$ !) among you bloggers! In a nutshell: you write a 200 words review on your blog about roomsDB.net and you will be one of the bloggers that will get a part of the money! So how will I do it?

  • for every 1000 pageviews that singapore.roomsDB.net receives, I will add 4 SG$ to the money pot
  • after 1 month, I will distribute the money in the pot among the 100 top referrers that take part in this promotion!
  • the money will be distributed according to how many visitors these bloggers referred to singapore.roomsDB.net

So how exactly will it work?

  • every blogger who fullfills the requirements (will come to that later) will be issued a unique referral ID that he/she will include within the links to roomsDB.net. Example: singapore.roomsDB.net/index.php?ref_id=5
  • referrals will be counted and in the end of the month it will be evaluated for how many percent of the overall referalls each blogger is responsible for and receive exactly this share of the money in the pot.

Example: After the 1 month counting period is over, singapore.roomsDB.net received 400.000 pageviews. That means I will put 400 * 4SG$ = 1600 SG$ into the pot and distribute that money among the bloggers who take part in this program. So let’s say blogger with referal ID nr.5 is responsible for 7% of all referrals. This will mean that blogger with referral ID will get 7% of that 1600 SG$! And that is 112 SG$! Not too bad, what do you think? Just to let you know: last month roomsDB.net had 300.000 pageviews, so with this campaign and the growing success of roomsDB.net, I don’t think 400.000 is a problem…

So what do you have to do to take part in this program and get your unique referral ID ?

You have to fullfill some requirements. Important, you have live in Singapore and have a blog. On this blog, you have to write a short review of singapore.roomsDB.net, to introduce your readers to the website and tell them what it’s all about. In this blog posting, the following requirements have to be fullfilled:

  • at least 200 words
  • after you post your review, 24hrs no new blog posting on your blog
  • one of these two links: <a href=http://singapore.roomsDB.net>roomsDB.net – rent a room in Singapore</a> or <a href=http://singapore.roomsDB.net>roomsDB.net – room rental in Singapore</a>
  • mention and link to the Straits Times article: http://singapore.roomsDB.net/roomsdbnet.pdf
  • have to mention this promotion campaign and link to it: https://roomsdb.wordpress.com/2007/08/26/roomsdbnet-promotion-singapore-bloggers-earn-money-with-your-blog-2/
  • mention new features on the site: Google Maps Mashup, RSS feeds, automatic price comparison, closest MRT station feature…YOU will name it 😉
  • You have time until the 15th of September to write your review and therefore take part in this promotion campaign! After you wrote this review, just use the comment function of this blog to tell me about the URL of your review! That’s all, it is that simple. If until the 15th of September at least 50 bloggers signed up for the campaign, I will start to count referalls and after exactly one month evaluate how much money every blogger will receive. You will be able to watch the live statistics here: singapore.roomsDB.net/campaign.php ! Special goody: The top referrer will earn an additional 50 SG$!

    So go and write your review now!! When you did it: use the comment function to tell me the URL or write to: “info@roomsDB.net”!

    Bye, Sebastian

    P.S.: Payment will be made over paypal and is the only payment method available. Payment will be done 1 month after campaign is over.

roomsDB.net Promotion! Singapore bloggers, earn money with your blog!

Click here to read article, it moved…

Minor Update: Back Button

Hi world,

there is a minor update on roomsDB.net. Now on every details page, there is a BACK button.


The browser’s back button does not really work on my site since it is transferring “POST” data back and forth so all these extra information are now stored in that button.

Thanks a lot to “wongst” for his request on the “Wishlist” page today! Read it and just couldn’t wait to add this thing. Just because of your suggestions and comments, this site can get better and better!

Thanks again, bye Sebastian

roomsDB.net: now also for Kuala Lumpur !

The expansion of roomsDB.net starts today! kl.roomsDB.net just went online in a beta version! So when you loved roomsDB.net for Singapore and now you need to find a room in Kuala Lumpur, you know where to go!

The KL version of roomsDB.net has exactly the same great features as the Singaporean version. Just check it out for yourself.

But why is it a “beta” you might ask. Well, to do this website remotely without never having been in KL myself (yeah, it’s a shame), is not the easiest thing to do. I need help for the different districts. The district list that is online now was taken from Wikipedia, but I am not sure if it is so right! So Malaysians out there who read this: please help me!! I need a decent district list of all the districts of Kuala Lumpur! Or perhaps the one I found in wikipedia is already great, but I cannot check. Please have a look on the “read offers” page and check if you find something strange there and let me know here! Your help is so appreciated! In return, I am working on more roomsDB.net versions for other Malaysian cities!

Watch out for much more to come!

Bye, Sebastian

roomsDB.net: room nr. 1000 (thousand!) online!

The success story goes on! Today, on the 8th of August 2007 posting nr. 1000 was posted to singapore.roomsDB.net! Since the article in the Straits Times (read it here) about roomsDB.net, things went crazy here. The article says there would be 10 to 15 new rooms online each and every day. Now, one week after the article was in the Straits Times, every day there are 30 to 40 new postings, and increasing day by day.

Wow, that is so great! I really have to say that I am happy about this success and I will drink a beer to celebrate it tonight!

roomsDB.net – Singapore’s best room rental website !

roomsDB.net proudly presents: The Control Center!

Hello world,

I have been working like a maniac on this the last week and now it is finally online: The roomsDB.net Control Center! roomsDB.net got much better again! You wanted more convenience on roomsDB….you got it! Now, in your roomsDB.net Control Center you have all the rooms that you offer in one place. You can completely edit them, add pictures or delete them from roomsDB.net if you already rented them out! Additionally, you will get access to some nice statistics concerning your postings online on roomsDB.net. You will see the average hits on your posting, can see if postings with pictures are more often clicked than the ones without (yes…they are) and more statistic functions will be added later (after I recovered from not sleeping for a week or so).

Still, you don’t have to register on roomsDB.net. Once you posted a room on the site, you will automatically receive your Control Center password via email and you can directly log in with your email address and this password. See for yourself:

log in

After you log in, you will see your account info with the statistics and the option to change your password.


And als always on roomsDB.net, everything is straight forward. Click on the “Edit” tab to edit your postings. Click on the “Add Pics” tab to add pics to your postings. Click on the “Delete”….you got it.

What else is new on roomsDB.net? I changed the period of time that new postings are online. New postings will just stay online now for 2 weeks and will be deleted after these 2 weeks. Before, postings were online for a whole month and could even be extended after this time. That lead to a lot of postings that were quite old. That will change. The oldest postings on roomsDB.net will be 2 weeks old. This will guarantee that roomsDB.net is always up to date!

Singapore’s best room rental website just got better again! roomsDB.net – rent a room in Singapore

Damn! I’m FAMOUS in Singapore!

Things are really getting crazy! There was a one page (!) article on me and my website in the STRAITS TIMES, Singapore’s biggest newspaper! Or to be more specific, in the “Digital Life”, the weekly pull-out of the Straits Times that is all about…well…digital life! 😉 Okay, perhaps “FAMOUS” is too much, but for sure more people know about me and roomsDB.net – rent a room in Singapore ! And that is just great! Especially if you consider that this is just a hobby of me that I do next to writing my master thesis AND studying Chinese.

I am so happy that my project can help so many people find accomodation in Singapore and that it is much easier now than compared to some years ago when there was no such website. And I am getting so much feedback these days! Thanks to all of you who comment on this blog or write me email or give me some suggestions what features would be cool. Please go on with that!!! It is so motivating and shows me that I am doing the right thing here!

Please support this site! Mention it on your blogs, tell your friends about it! Together we can make this site even better!

Oh, I guess you might want to read the article yourself, here it is:

Digital Life Article on roomsDB.net

Verry happy, Sebastian

P.S.: Since the article, the site has 4 times more pageviews than before! And the next articles (New Paper, Zhaobao) are on its way!